Local Learning For Life

Learning For Life features grade-specific, theme-oriented lesson plans to be used in the classroom to enhance and support the core curriculum. Lessons are designed to be conducted by the classroom teacher in conjunction with the core curriculum.

The Learning For Life team partners with 35 local groups who provide character-based education to approximately 10,000 students.  They also partner with 29 companies to provide actual career experiences to 606 Explorers.  The Three Harbors Council Learning For Life is on a mission to ensure that the youth of Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine will have a chance to build positive character while setting goals and exploring various career opportunities.  

The Learning For Life integrated academic and character development program has been shown to improve academic proficiency, attendance, graduation rates and the overall campus climate.  

The eight core character traits and life skills promoted in the program are (1) Respect, (2) Responsibility, (3) Honesty / Trust, (4) Caring / Fairness, (5) Perseverance, (6) Self-Discipline, (7) Courage and (8) Citizenship.  


PreK-12 Curriculum 

  • Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-intimidation online education videos
  • Bullying Prevention & Intervention - Staff Development
  • Character Education programs PreK-12
  • Engaging, research based content & curriculum
  • Aligned to State and National Standards
  • Special Education - Life Skills & Transition Skills program
  • Addressing Social, Emotional & Behavioral issues and enabling students to reach their full potential 



Vision Statement:

 “To provide engaging and relevant PreK-12 solutions that positively impact academic performance, social & emotional maturity, character development and career education for all students.”









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